Cody Dock

I went back to Cody Dock, one of the highlights of The Line – the walk from North Greenwich to the Olympic Park which weaves through the different, previously unconnected part of docklands.

Cody Dock is in a strange, still underexplored part of East London, close Star Lane station (yes, I had never been to Star Lane before). It was originally constructed by the Imperial Gas Company, an area of gasworks, the underbelly of industrial London. In 2009, it was acquired by a charity as a kind of hippy enclave – very beautiful and unexpectedly atmospheric, with a café in an area of big industrial warehouses:-


2 thoughts on “Cody Dock

  1. joan says:

    Anyone walking the Three Mills Cody Dock section of The Line over coming weekends should keep a look out for the Youth Guides employed by The Line to talk to visitors about the project. They are sixteen local youngsters – sixth form/undergraduate age – and can’t be missed as they are wearing bright blue t-shirts/ sweatshirts/ raincoats (essential last weekend) with the logo on the back. My daughter is among their number and can’t believe her luck that she is being paid to talk about stuff that she is properly interested in. And she has been visiting Cody Dock since she was at primary school as, I suspect, have many of the other youngsters employed. It’s a really good scheme.

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