Travelling to France (1)

So, they’ve changed the quarantine rules for everywhere except France, on the grounds that there is still a risk from the so-called beta variant, which is apparently mainly in the former French colonies. This means a ten-day quarantine period for everyone who comes from France unless you pay £250 to friends of Matt Hancock to reduce it to five. One wonders if this ploy is characteristic incompetence, greed or just petty-minded Francophobia.


6 thoughts on “Travelling to France (1)

  1. janicesacher says:

    Charles – AND I am in France currently – when I arrived on 16th the quarantine laws were going to be abolished on 19th but they changed their minds on 17th!!! This Government could not organise a p— u- at a Brewery!! Also seem incapable of a firm plan – they are like a Rubik cube!

  2. Juliet Wrightson says:

    The Government wont admit that in their ignorance they thought Reunion was a departement in Geographical Europe when it is a remote island departement of France and now they are too embarrassed to admit it.

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