I have done a piece for the August/September issue of The Critic on the subject of gaslighting. At the same time that Westminster City has spent £2 million on a carnival mound disfiguring Marble Arch, they are quietly sending workmen round the back streets of Westminster getting rid of gaslighting, which it always had since the first gas lights were installed in Pall Mall in January 1807. There has been no debate or discussion round this. They probably thought no-one would mind. I can now attach the photographs I took in St. James’s Park, the Mall and off St. Martin’s Lane of historic gaslights which are, not surprisingly listed.

It will not surprise readers of my blog that Historic England have not apparently objected to the change.

St. James’s Park:-

The de luxe version in the Mall:-

Cecil Court:-

And the amazing Goodwin’s Court, if you want a real taste of surviving Victorian London:-


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