Villa Jones (2)

I have been reading the analysis of the Villa Jones by the late Bob Maxwell in Dixon Jones 2:  Buildings and Projects 1998-2019, published last year.  I had not known that the planners objected to the square end as being contrary to the local vernacular which required a visibly expressed pitched roof.  Maxwell describes how Le Corbusier in practice liked the way buildings, like objects, evolve into object types, as with the bicycle and briar pipe (this is apparently described by Charles Jencks in his book on Le Corbusier). Luckily, Bâtiments de France could see that the building was an intelligent balance of modernism and localism – ‘un mélange réussi de la modern avec la vernaculaire’.

This is the Corbusian end the planners objected to, before it was masked by vegetation:-

A view of the house from the north demonstrating the linearity of its layout within the olive groves:-

And a nice touch of blue:-


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