Travelling to France (5)

I hope this is the last of my posts about the current complications of travel. We have just done our Day 2 test.

It is, like everything involved with testing, excessively complicated, although essentially no different from the standard test which is self-administered. But there is, of course, a big difference in that it is very expensive and boosts the personal fortune of Dr. Peter Fitzgerald, a polo-playing multi-millionaire who employs Owen Paterson, a prominent Brexiteer, to lobby on his behalf for £100,000 a year and the contract was awarded without competitive tendering.

Why I am not surprised ?

It is obvious that the whole of COVID testing has been a monumental scam to enrich the Prime Minister’s party supporters and Brexiteer friends, who are now laughing all the way to the bank, having looted and impoverished the country.


4 thoughts on “Travelling to France (5)

  1. janicesacher says:

    So do I, also in France. The UK is a disgrace enforcing this with no cap on costs – unlike the French here – last time I was here it was free for everyone. In the last few weeks they have introduced a cost for tourists but only E29 for antigen test and E49 for PCR – it remains free for nationals/residents.
    Having experienced 18 months of lockdown/restrictions and not being able to go on holiday it is a disgrace to charge such high fees in the UK – we need to feel free again but the cost of these tests is so restrictive to those who want to visit family abroad or have a well-earned holiday!

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