Brick Lane and beyond

I walked up Brick Lane.

I assume this is Bishopsgate Yard awaiting redevelopment:-

There’s a nice bit of unlikely decoration at the corner of Sclater Street:-

A residual memory of the furniture trade on a warehouse north of the Museum of the Home:-

The belfry of St. Chad, Haggerston, designed by James Brooks:-

A distant view of George Loveless House on the Dorset Estate, designed by Lubetkin:-

The west door of St. Peter’s, Bethnal Green, designed by Lewis Vulliamy:-

The architectural riches of Bethnal Green.


One thought on “Brick Lane and beyond

  1. Jean Walker says:

    By coincidence, I am reading a newish book, The Five – The untold lives of the women killed by Jack the Ripper – and as you may know, the third victim’s husband was a carpenter in the furniture district, which I hadn’t known about before. Well worth a read.

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