New Road (1)

I walked back up New Road, the heart of old Whitechapel and was struck, as ever, by its proximity to the high-rise City, but that it retains an entirely different and still unmodernised character:-


2 thoughts on “New Road (1)

  1. Great images and juxtaposition. Like Whitehorse Lane, I guess New Road may have been constructed to connect Whitechapel to the docks, not least as it is the continuation of Cannon Street Road, and Whitechapel was a centre for foundries (as you have documented in almost 100 posts). However, today New Road is also the heart of drug distribution in Whitechapel, according to a former policeman neighbour of ours.

  2. robheal says:

    My copy of Laurie’s New Plan of London(1827) has the whole of the thoroughfare from Whitechapel High Street to Cable Street labelled as Cannon Street Road. Is this an anomaly ?

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