New Road (3)

I’ve been asked the question I’ve been puzzling about: what’s the difference between New Road and Cannon Street Road ? It seems to have been called New Road when it was first developed by the London Hospital in the 1780s and is described as such in the leases for the properties, but it does not surprise me at all that it was also known as Cannon Street Road on early maps.

The answer is provided by the website for St. George-in-the-East, the parish church at the bottom end. Apparently, nineteenth-century century maps and documents show different names for the same stretch of road. Some call the southernmost stretch between The Highway and Cable Street ‘Cannon Street’, and everything north of it, up to Whitechapel Road, either ‘(The) New Road’ or ‘Cannon Street Road’. The Revd. Joseph Nightingale in London and Middlesex (1815) described Cannon Street [Road] as ‘a double line of good houses’. In 1859, the bottom half of the street became ‘Cannon Street Road’ (later including the stretch from The Highway to Cable Street) up to the Commercial Road, once this was developed, and ‘New Road’ beyond.

The best thing about Cannon Street Road used to be the Jewish delicatessen called Roggs, at the corner of Burslem Street, run from 1946 till his death in 2006 by Barry Rogg. I once tried to find a photograph of Roggs without success, so was pleased when a post about it appeared recently on Spitalfields Life (, complete with a good photograph by Irv Kline which I am taking the liberty of reproducing:-


4 thoughts on “New Road (3)

  1. Leslie Tobin Bacon says:

    Richard Bram,I was just thinking the same thing when I saw the photo. Never made it there Charles, but just returned to LA to find my very local Greenblatts deli, (across from what was Schwab’s Pharmacy, which had a lunch counter where Lana Turner was discovered) 100 years old, was closing. Tragic. First they trash LACMA, and now an even greater sorrow—- Greenblatts.

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