Interesting soup (1)

I happened to spot on twitter that John-Paul Stonard had reviewed my museums book in the current TLS. I am looking forward to reading it, but the question is, where in East London can one buy the TLS ? Nowhere in Stepney, that’s for sure. Queen Mary’s bookstore is closed for good. Liverpool Street station say they used to stock it, but not any more, even in spite of having Aesthetica and the New York Review of Books. Libreria doesn’t stock it, nor the Brick Lane Bookshop. The answer, of course, is to subscribe online, but I’m too mean.


2 thoughts on “Interesting soup (1)

  1. Tony Valsamidis says:

    Try Krina’s near Whitechapel Station – if they don’t have it, ask them to stock it. They used to get the New Yorker for me.

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