Interesting soup (2)

I continued my search for a copy of the TLS to the west end. The excellent newsagent in Beak Street has closed, presumably as a result of COVID. Waterstone’s in Piccadilly no longer stocks literary magazines, as it used to, in its basement. The London Library hasn’t yet got the latest issue. So, I thought I could rely on the two newsagents in St. James’s Park. W.H.Smith has closed and the other offered me a copy of today’s Times as if it was an adequate substitute. So, the circulation of newspapers and magazines may have suffered as a result of COVID. I can scarcely complain because I used to buy them, but now, like everyone else, have pretty much migrated online, although I still resist Murdoch’s paywall.


3 thoughts on “Interesting soup (2)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    I believe there is a newsagent in the centre of Edinburgh which keeps them but unfortunately I am not there just now. In a similar position I would ask on twitter if anyone has a copy they are finished with/might lend.

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