First Put on Your Apron

By chance, I was given a copy of Sally Clarke’s beautifully produced and wonderfully informative new cookery book the night before it was written about in today’s Financial Times (see below). It looks just about at my level: a beginner’s guide, made to seem easy, although I’m sure it’s not (there are asterisks to denote the complexity of the menus in the index). Even if it doesn’t improve my cooking, it’s a feast to the eye.


2 thoughts on “First Put on Your Apron

  1. joan says:

    Enjoyed the article in the FT and will probably make the pea and celery risotto but am hoping that a cheaper edition of the book comes out. £30 – especially given the target audience – seems a bit steep. I don’t think my Delia Smith ‘One Is Fun’ cost anywhere near as much, even allowing for thirty years of inflation!

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