Virtual Neighbour

It was the opening of Virtual Neighbour last night, an exhibition of objects both real and simulated in the front room of a house in East Arbour Street. It included a new, very beautiful sculptural piece by Romilly SS, which have turned virtual surprisingly successfully. I’m not sure my photographs convey either the real or the virtual adequately:-

There are other things by her on display as well:-


2 thoughts on “Virtual Neighbour

  1. joan says:

    Such beautiful things. But I have clearly – in my late 50s – retained the ability to still be shocked by how things have changed in my old neighbourhood. I walked down East Arbour Street regularly in the 1970s/ early 80s as my mum had an office job for decades at Thames Magistrates Court which was then based in the building at the end of the street. It was a very social workplace and I used to pop in on my way home from school. The idea that it now houses an art gallery is causing some cognitive dissonance!

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