Phil Eglin

On Monday, I went on a day trip to Neath in South Wales to visit the potter/ceramic artist, Phil Eglin, whose work I have always admired, ever since buying a recumbent figure from the Crafts Council gallery in the V&A, long ago. But I have delayed posting photographs of his work, at his request, until his latest exhibition, Strange Bedfellows, had been launched at the Scottish Gallery (

He has a beautiful daylit studio with sheep in the field beyond:-

It was a treat to see so much work of different periods of his career – Madonnas, jugs, tiles – casually displayed throughout the rooms of his house:-

He was a student at Stoke-on-Trent, then the Royal College of Art when Eduardo Paolozzi was a visiting tutor and one can see some of Eduardo’s influence in Phil’s eclectic absorption of imagery, high and low, his use of historical reference but in a witty and generalised way, and his interest in popular imagery, as well as medieval:-

He also has an unrivalled collection of watering cans:-


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