I walked through the new Vauxhall, a City which has grown up in the last ten years. I don’t object to it in the way I dislike so much of the City itself because it occupies riverside which was previously nondescript, an area of old warehouses and the relocated Covent Garden market, the wrong side of the railway tracks, but with the benefit of proximity to the river. I assume it attracts capital to London because the voices were international and the cars plutocratic. It does nothing whatever to solve the problems of London housing since it all looks unaffordably expensive, sold in the Saturday property supplements in Singapore and Hong Kong.

At its heart is the new American embassy, designed by Kieran Timberlake, not a bad building, but characterless:-

Embassy Gardens has the curious feature of a swimming pool suspended between two buildings: no-one was swimming in it and the experience might be vertiginous:-

Round about are a mass of new tower blocks which are scarily nondescript. No doubt the Mayor of Wandsworth finds it exciting and everyone is probably congratulating themselves on the speed with which it has been built, competing with the tiger economies. Of course, it’s hard to manufacture character. But these guys don’t hit first base:-


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