How to Rebuild a City

A very informative programme on the redevelopment of Coventry. I hadn’t realised the extent to which plans for its redevelopment were drawn up before the war, following the appointment of Donald Gibson as city architect and planning officer in 1938 when he was only 29, full of idealism and plans for a more democratic future, which were then made possible by Hitler. The programme captures some of the hopes and aspirations of post-war reconstruction, much admired internationally, but it sounds as if it is not being well looked after and cared for now.


2 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a City

  1. sandynairne says:

    Although Coventry as City of Culture for 2021 has had the toughest of years in which to stage any kind of artistic celebration, I understand that one strand has involved giving greater impetus to the conservation and renewal of the central post-war housing and shopping area. The Cathedral has also had renewal work and John Wyver of Illuminations made this excellent documentary about the new Cathedral – – maybe you mentioned this last June when it was broadcast?

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