The London Piano Festival

We went to the London Piano Festival a King’s Place, a wonderful overdose of music, sitting in the front row of the beautiful, calm and stately concert hall (we spent the interval trying to figure out what the ingredients were which made it possible to create such a good quality building, other than the obvious one of a sympathetic developer, Peter Millican, who took the architects on a private tour of Japanese concert halls before embarking on the project). The first concert was Katya Apekisheva playing Schubert, including his late piano sonata D960. The second was a feast of work for two pianos – Mozart’s Sonata in D, Schubert’s Fantasie and Ravel; a new work by Sally Beamish, then Rachmaninov, Poulenc and Porgy & Bess. Quite something to experience the full theatrical performance aspects of a concert after eighteen months of listening to music on a machine.


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