Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones

There is a very good interview with Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones in this month’s RIBA Journal, which gives a sense of their respective personalities (see below).   Considering how much important work they have done, particularly in central London – the Royal Opera House, the Ondaatje Wing at the NPG, the opening up of the Somerset House courtyard and King’s Place, not to forget the Saïd Business School in Oxford – I often feel that their work has not been as much studied or appreciated as it deserves, partly because they set up in partnership relatively late, partly because the Royal Opera House is very sensitive to its scale and relationship to its surroundings and partly because, in different ways, they were both influenced by the change in attitude towards history and modernism during the 1970s, as indeed was Jim Stirling, but this doesn’t seem to have affected his fame and reputation. I worked with them very closely at the NPG and subsequently at the National Gallery. I still regard them as the nicest and best of architects – a good double act, both of them working together on both projects, although they tended to work not quite so closely thereafter. I particularly like the photograph of them in 1973 as young, hippy idealists, which they partly remain.


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