The Tulip Tower (1)

I see that the Tulip Tower is being talked up in the hope that Michael Gove will overturn most of the advice that he has been given and grant permission for the construction of the Tulip Tower, which would become the tallest tower in the City, a grand symbol of its vanity and ostentation.

It seems an odd project because it’s essentially just a tower with restaurants and a viewing platform – in other words, a latter-day reincarnation of the Post Office Tower whose revolving restaurant has been closed for the last forty five years as a security risk.

Also, it looks much less like a tulip than a prominent piece of male anatomy, which is somehow appropriate as a monument to the current generation of City Fathers.


2 thoughts on “The Tulip Tower (1)

  1. mauricedavies says:

    It would be the perfect monument to the Johnson years, as Canary Wharf exemplifies Thatcher. Priapic, vain, rhetorical and empty of meaning. Even better a monument to Boris if it proves impossible to open it to the public. And it would give London a permanent reminder of the mixed contribution of Foster to the art of architecture, reducing his elegant and witty Gherkin to little more than an elongated testicle. It’s disappointing how easily money can waylay the weak, vain and greedy.

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