Warwick University

I spent the afternoon on campus at Warwick University in preparation for a seminar on ‘Writing about Art Museums’.

I was impressed by the transformation of the campus from 1960s industrial utilitarian by Yorke Rosenberg Mardall in the style of St. Thomas’s Hospital to contemporary utopian ambition with the new Professor Lord Bhattacharyya Building by Cullinan Studio:-

And, even more impressive, the new Faculty of Arts Building by Feilden Clegg Bradley:-


5 thoughts on “Warwick University

  1. joan says:

    I first spent time on the Warwick campus in the mid 1980s when working for Courtaulds, the textile manufacturers, in Coventry. I joined the Warwick University Library so that I could have access to academic books and also did some extramural courses there. In those days there were a fleet of Sinclair C5s available for academics to travel across campus. In one of those twists of fate I again spent more time there in the early 90s researching in the Modern Records Centre (particularly the TUC and the Gollancz papers) and spending time with my partner who was studying for his PhD in the Social History department there. These days my eldest son is a PhD student in Computer Science at Warwick so we have more reasons to visit. It has been really interesting watching the university develop from those early days when E.P. Thompson labelled it as Warwick University Ltd.

  2. Ben P says:

    My old stomping ground too. I absolutely loved being there. Its amazing how much it has been changing and developing. Did you get the chance to go inside the redeveloped Arts Centre too?

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