Simon Lewty

I have only just heard of the death of Simon Lewty, an artist I very much admired and whose work we collected in a modest way. Born in 1941, he went to the Mid-Warwickshire School of Art in the late 1950s and then Hornsey, moving back to Leamington Spa where he taught for many years. He lived almost entirely in his imagination, doing intense graphic work drawn from his subconscious. He had an exhibition at the Ikon Gallery in 1984 and at the Serpentine in 1985 and continued to show work at Art First. But he was too modest and perhaps too serious to thrive in the contemporary art world and we hadn’t seen him since he moved to Swanage. But I continue to think of him as a very good and interesting artist, doing work of great originality and imaginative intensity, a surrealist out of his time.


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