Conflicts of Interest

I have been reading with mounting horror and fascination – as many others must be – the increasing number of stories about those MPs who voted for Brexit and the ways in which they have been simultaneously taking money from companies to lobby on the companies behalf in the House of Commons (gambling, racing, Randox, private medicine) without recognising that it was against the rules and without being willing to countenance being punished for it: which is, of course, one increasingly realises, why they voted for Brexit so that they could deregulate, change the rules, and go and live in the British Virgin Islands while collecting their salaries as MPs. Of course, none of them appeared in the debate about corruption in the House of Commons because none of them think they are, and should be, accountable. The message has obviously gone out that this is only a storm in a Westminster teacup. But I enjoyed watching the sense of anger and outrage from conservative voters in Uxbridge. Some think that voters don’t really care about corruption. Let’s see.


2 thoughts on “Conflicts of Interest

  1. Perhaps naively, I’m shocked that MPs have accepted money in circumstances that self-evidently constitute a conflict of interest. As for treating being an MP as second to more lucrative lobbying or other roles …. I don’t know what to say!

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