David Chipperfield

I’m so delighted that David Chipperfield has been made this year’s Apollo Personality of the Year at more or less the same time that he has also been awarded the CH:  both so well deserved for his longevity, his perseverance, and the admirable quality of his architecture and its respect for both history, as at the Neues Museum in Berlin and at the Royal Academy, and for greatly enhancing the local cultural environment, as in Margate and Wakefield. Edwin Heathcote provides an admirably succinct encapsulation of his career (see below), including his recent restoration of the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin and his new building for the Kunsthaus in Zürich, but not his Inagawa Cemetery Chapel recently completed in Japan. His work is always elegant, always thoughtful, always restrained. I see the James Simon Galerie is also one of three finalists for the RIBA International Prize today. Bravo !



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