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I thought that I had pretty well had all the reviews I was likely to get for my book, when, lo and behold, one has appeared in the Claremont Review of Books by Brian T. Allen, a writer and former museum director (at the Addison Gallery of American Art) who writes about the museums I have covered, adding his own perspective. He loves the Menil Collection, as do I, and writes particularly interestingly about the Broad Museum and both the strengths and possible weaknesses of the forthcoming Los Angeles County Museum, which I touch on only lightly in my Conclusion. I particularly like his conclusion: ‘it has a to-the-point look that fits Charles Saumarez Smith’s style and his studied detachment’. Precisely !

By the way, if you are desperately looking for Christmas presents, as am I, the book is available at all good booksellers, especially John Sandoe, Heywood Hill and Hatchard’s.


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