The Downing Street Christmas Party (4)

It probably does not need me to point out that the vile stench which is now emanating from 10, Downing Street – the sense of lie upon lie and party after party, encouraged, allowed and sometimes attended by the Prime Minister who arranged for crates of champagne to be delivered to his front door and managed himself to consume £12,500 of food and drink supplied by a Tory donor during lockdown (if you think about it, this is a lot of food for two people and a baby to guzzle) – is hardly going to be solved by a report by the Cabinet Secretary on a single party held on December 18th. Nice, decent and honourable as the Cabinet Secretary may be, he owes his appointment entirely to the Prime Minister through a system of personal favouritism rather than public appointment. This is surely part of the problem: that 10, Downing Street has been created as an independent fiefdom, operating outside and beyond the law, full of special advisors who are friends and former colleagues of the Prime Minister, his wife and Michael Gove. They were encouraged by Dominic Cummings to think outside the box and part of thinking outside the box was to hold parties when no one else could. So, there should be a proper and full enquiry. But this is not going to happen because it would be almost bound to find fault with the person in charge.


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