The Garden Café

Christmas has come early in the form of a book written by George Ryle, the Head Chef at the Garden Café, and published by the Garden Museum. I’ve realised that it’s too late to get copies in time for Christmas, but I strongly recommend it as a treat for the New Year: so clear, beautifully produced like the food it describes, focussed on good ingredients, designed by Webb and Webb, with no less than four coloured page markers. What could be nicer ! Order form is (I hope):-


One thought on “The Garden Café

  1. robheal says:

    As this fruiting plant hails from Nepal I genuinely expected to find it described in the excellent Firminger’s Manual of Gardening for India ( Calcutta 1958), which lists many exotic edible plants from this part of the world. So perhaps it’s not that good to eat.

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