Downing Street Parties (5)

You can see the way the Gray Report will be spun in whatever form it is published – probably garrotted – from the way it has been reported in the weekend papers.

It was only a minor infringement of the law. How could the Prime Minister be expected to notice that it was a party when he was under the delusion that parties could legitimately be classified as a business meeting ? Certainly no reason for any further action, let alone the full enormity of resignation, and all the problems that would entail when it was only a minor offence.

But this is surely to miss the point. The law was his law. Many other people have been fined and prosecuted for much lesser offences on the very same day. The home secretary was encouraging people to shop their neighbours and the police to go in hard to enforce the law all over the rest of the country. Oliver Dowden was reminding people on television not to break the law just as the Prime Minister was doing so. The Conservative Party has traditionally been the party of law and order. Why should the Prime Minister be exempt ? He joined the party for twenty five minutes, long enough to realise it was a party.

A temporary (twenty-five minute) lapse of judgment is not normally regarded as a legitimate defence when someone breaks the law.


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