Downing Street Parties (7)

Reading today’s papers, it looks as if the Prime Minister may after all survive.   It is not because people have suddenly decided to believe his lies on all fronts:  lies about the wallpaper, where he said to Lord Geidt that he was not in contact with Lulu Lytle before February 2021, when she attended his birthday party in June 2020; his lies about the evacuation of dogs from Afghanistan, where emails now demonstrate that he did intervene, a view he has described as ‘total rhubarb’;  and his endless lies and obfuscation about parties in Downing Street.   It just seems that at some point boredom sets in.  And proceduralism.   And clever political game-playing.  Helped by the absence of a credible alternative who enjoys enough support.  So MPs are paralysed.  It’s depressing.


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