War in Ukraine (2)

Two years ago, we escaped from the extreme anxieties of East London at the time of the outbreak of Coronavirus and before lockdown to North Wales and spent what in retrospect was an unreal time when the world felt on the verge of total collapse looking out to the mountains. Now we are here again and the situation of the world feels at least as bad, if not worse, as we sit listening to the radio reports of bombing and people fleeing, the apparently total powerlessness of the West owing to the very real threat of nuclear attack and the fear that it will all escalate, which it may anyway. So, what would we do if the tanks rolled into Estonia ? Or Finland ? We would be similarly powerless in the face of an aggressor who doesn’t respect the idea of a nuclear deterrent and is prepared to use what feel like very old-fashioned tactics of land war and siege, not worrying about the enormous loss of life on both sides, as well as being prepared to bomb cultural monuments, not respecting any of the conventions of modern war.


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