Artists’ Studios

I have been neglecting my blog – poleaxed by the war in Ukraine and its consequences, about which it is hard to say anything without sounding trite, although this hasn’t prevented the Prime Minster trying.

We went yesterday to the exhibition at the Whitechapel on Artists’ Studios, a long-standing project which I think we considered at the RA: it’s a very nice, thoughtful, wide-ranging exhibition, so full of interesting material, lots of fascinating photographs, mixing photography and artwork successfully.

This was from Matisse’s house, but presumably not his studio:-


2 thoughts on “Artists’ Studios

  1. Ivan Gaskell says:

    The late, wonderful Monni Adams and Dorothy Washburn both wrote fine articles on Kuba (or Bakuba) raffia textiles. As an introduction, I recommend Adams’s “Kuba Embroidered Cloth,” African Arts 12: 1, 1978, pp. 24-39, 106-107.

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