Make destroys the National Theatre (1)

I am mildly shocked by this approval of a massive new development which will dwarf the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall and will totally dominate the bend in the river from all directions, sucking energy out of everything in the vicinity, including Tate Modern. As in all new building schemes, the decision is made by the planning committee of a single London borough, whereas this is a development which will affect London as a whole – views from Parliament Hill, views from the terrace of the Palace of Westminster. It will pulverise the National Theatre by imitating it, but four times as high. The decision was made by seven people: six in favour, one against. They were no doubt influenced by the enormous number of jobs created. But the number of jobs is a signal of the Brobdingnagian scale of this development.

Has any idea of planning gone down the chute?


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