The Russian Connection

The attached video, made by Led by Donkeys, is well worth watching. It details the long-standing and close links between the current government and Putin’s regime. What stands out is that if Boris Johnson was a junior operative in MI6, he would have been fired long ago as a security risk. But as Foreign Secretary, he was able to take strictly confidential NATO papers with him from a NATO conference to a weekend in the Umbrian mountains to meet with the former head of the KGB in London, Colonel Lebedev, where he got so drunk that he can’t remember what happened or what was discussed and whether or not his briefcase was read while he was asleep because he had left his security detail in London. Of course, he regards Colonel Lebedev as a close friend and totally trustworthy and has accepted his hospitality on multiple occasions. We can now never know the truth of what happened because he has lost his mobile phone. This is the Prime Minister, remember.


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