Philip Hewat-Jaboor

I am very upset to learn out of the blue of the death of Philip Hewat-Jaboor, who we got to know in the 1980s through the artist, Philip Core. He was a collector who was passionately knowledgeable about porphyry and chaired the Masterpiece Art Fair with intelligence and aplomb. He lived in Jersey. I realise that I actually don’t know much about him, except that there was something interesting about him: a sense of cosmopolitan interests and fastidious expertise, which is evident in his entry for The Aesthete in the Weekend FT ( He was a real aesthete.


One thought on “Philip Hewat-Jaboor

  1. Richard Miles says:

    Philip was best man at my wedding to Sarah in 1982, forty years ago this 1st May. Stalwart and loyal friend to both of us and many besides… Curator, not only of art, but of people. I was honoured to be one of his two witnesses to his civil partnership to Rod last year. His taste was impeccable, his knowledge and understanding of perfection in art was unique, as was his friendship to many.

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