Partygate (2)

We have been promised that the Prime Minister will ‘set the record straight’ next week.

Of course, we know the basic gist of it. He got up unusually early and had to trek out to Hemel Hempstead, even though it was his birthday. When he was paid £250,000 a year for writing only one article a week, he could have lain in bed and spent time with his family. But now that he was Prime Minister, he is expected to go on ghastly outings to the remote suburbs. Luckily, Carrie had promised him a surprise party for when he got back with birthday cake and champagne. Something to look forward to, even though she had asked that ghastly next-door-neighbour to join them, as well as the lovely interior decorator who he half fancied. Then there was a family party to look forward to in the evening, with Dad, and his younger brother who he had made a peer – lucky him ! He had had to promise that it would be in the garden even though the weather forecast was terrible.

It’s a dog’s life as Prime Minister….


2 thoughts on “Partygate (2)

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    Wonderfully droll. Trust you have seen cover of this week’s “Private Eye”? Zelensky & Boris shaking hands both saying “Thank you for coming to my rescue”. So how much DID Boris pay Putin to invade Ukraine to, ostensibly, get him off the Partygate/Uselessgate hook?

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