Partygate (3)

We happened to listen to the PM Programme yesterday just after the Prime Minister had been referred to the Committee of Privileges for lying nem. con. At long last, it felt as if the whole structure of the recent extremist tory party erected by Boris Johnson is falling down. No Nadine Dorries or Jacob Rees-Mogg coming out to defend him, saying that decency, honesty and integrity in politics are just a piece of fluff which can happily be ignored by shysters and millionaires in top hats. Instead, at long last, the mainstream of the party grappling with their consciences as to whether or not it is really in their interests to have a pathological and serial liar at their helm who had mistaken Carrie and champagne in the Cabinet Room as a work meeting and, it seems, has almost certainly been photographed dancing to Abba in his flat on the night Cummings left Downing Street. I liked the analogy of the boy who is contrite only for as long as he is in the headmaster’s study and then jokes and beams and shows no trace of contrition in a room full of his co-conspirators, which is presumably exactly what happened and seems to have revolted even them.


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