Maurice Dorfman (1)

A friend, Jim Grover, who is a photographer, spent a lot of lockdown documenting the life and shop of a haberdasher called Maurice Dorfman, who had a shop on Clapham High Street called Jeannette, next door to the Railway Tavern (it’s still there). I never visited the shop and don’t remember it – not really my part of town. But the story and the pictures are fascinating, a microcosm of the life of a small trader – Jewish, single – starting out in his parents workshop, De Harmo, and then after his parents died and his brother emigrated, running the shop on his own until his death in 2020.

This was Maurice:-

This was a workshop in East London of the type Dorfman’s grandfather would have worked in (I thought it was Ukraine where the family came from):-

His clothes:-

It’s a wonderful piece of visual and sociological documentation, showing the amazing richness – sailing, dancing, Harley Davidsons – of an everyday life.


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