113, Redchurch Street

As someone who lives in one of a pair of eighteenth-century houses which somehow miraculously survived in spite of being unoccupied from the 1870s till 2000, I am distressed to read of what is happening to two weavers’ houses in Redchurch Street. The whole character – and indeed prosperity – of Spitalfields is thanks to the establishment of the Spitalfields Trust in 1977 which has had an amazing track record in restoring eighteenth-century houses whilst retaining as much as possible of their original character. It is really bad that Tower Hamlets has not involved them in the development of two weavers’ houses in Redchurch Street. Even now I would hope that the Zeloofs who own the houses might be encouraged to get their architect to seek the advice of Heloise Palin, who now runs the Trust, and Dan Cruickshank, who has such deep knowledge about how to care for the surviving fabric of such houses. It’s depressing that so little seems to have been learned from forty five years of conservation and that Tower Hamlets have become so supine about their conservation responsibilities.



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