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Given the fact that the Daily Mail has been hounding the Durham police to prosecute Keir Starmer and seems to have been the organisation which by its daily coverage persuaded them to re-open their investigation quite contrary to their stated policy; and given the fact that they published a story today that we should feel sorry for the Prime Minister that he was so sick before his recent television interview that he puked all over his nice blue suit, so was unable to answer any of the questions very well; we should perhaps remind ourselves that it was Downing Street that persuaded/ordered its proprietors to ditch their editor when he was critical of it (see below). Criticism used to be the role of the Fourth Estate, but not apparently any longer in the Johnson State.

Do the people in Downing Street really think that voters are so colossally naive that they can’t differentiate between the Prime Minister having booze-ups in 10, Downing Street in the early stages of a lockdown which he himself was promoting on a daily basis and the Leader of the Opposition having a meal with party workers nearly a year later after the government had themselves blown up the moral consensus behind the original lockdown and themselves been encouraging everyone to get back to work ?

And do they really think that we should feel sorry for the Prime Minister that he may have been so hungover that he was so useless at answering questions in a rare television interview ?



2 thoughts on “Daily Mail

  1. Jean Walker says:

    The whole world seems to be on a downwards spiral. We have our federal elections here in Australia, on Saturday. Our PM and half the Cabinet, are evangelicals who let their religious beliefs influence their decisions but which don’t seem to equate with accepted Christian values. But I bet you a pound to a penny, they will be re-elected.

  2. Given that the so-called rules were just guidance – it says so on gov.uk – I wonder how the British public could be so gullible and naive to believe the daily briefings in the first place. Since when have many politicians in the last 2 decades ever been trustworthy? Or indeed ever been trustworthy at all!!
    Here we are in 2022 and people still don’t ‘get it’. The only rules broken were common sense. I saw through it in 2020, it seems many have yet to do so.

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