Llanfairfechan (1)

It’s a while since we’ve been to Llanfairfechan, the remarkably well-preserved Arts-and-Crafts village laid out by Herbert North, who had worked with Lutyens, as a model estate.

We started at the Church Institute, a fine, slate-hung village hall, with a stage, opened in 1912 and redolent of community activity between the wars:-

Tucked away down a path alongside it is the Churchmen’s Club, equally atmospheric, and in dire need of some tender living care:-

I feel it ought to be eligible for HLF funding, as a way of protecting it. But there is presumably no longer a call for snooker. Maybe the National Trust should consider it as a visitor centre to help the preservation of the village as a whole – a way of extending their activities into the early twentieth century.


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