The Marks and Spencer debate (3)

I was one of the signatories to the letter asking the Secretary of State to call in the plans to redevelop the old Marks and Spencer building on Oxford Street. As I see it, it is not just an environmental issue, but also the question as to whether or not it is sensible to demolish a decent, if not especially adventurous, classical (Néo-Grec) building of the late 1920s in order simply to replace it with an entirely nondescript new office building. The original is a survival of an unfashionable style which had a sense of civic value; the replacement seems not to have anything to recommend it. So, I hope the Inspector leading the Planning Inquiry will reject it.


One thought on “The Marks and Spencer debate (3)

  1. katefromcheshire says:

    I hope you continue to be a thorn in the side of each Secretary of State regarding planning matters.

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