Boris Johnson

I gave up commenting on politics a while ago feeling that there was not much I could contribute to the widening recognition of the more corrosive aspects of Johnson’s rule; but as people begin to draw up the charge sheet of his time in office, I was struck by the Observer’s editorial (see below) which says most of what needs to be said, clearly and straightforwardly, at a time when one hopes he is departing into the history books.

The only thing I feel in addition, which seems to be being forgotten, since Dominic Cumming’s has turned out to be Johnson’s biggest critic, is that Johnson’s first and original mistake was the appointment of Cummings who was at least as responsible as Johnson in introducing an atmosphere of intellectual arrogance, ruthlessness, recklessness, and a total disregard for the conventions of government, as if life was going to be forever not about running the country, but extending the Brexit campaign. So, they should go down in the history books together.


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