Old Town Clothing (3)

A new linen suit arrived in the post, just in time for the next heat wave. The packaging commemorates the fact that this year is the thirtieth anniversary of Old Town Clothing, the sustainable clothes shop in Holt, Norfolk, where you just ring up and another excellent piece of clothing arrives – not cheap, but they last forever. I still have, and wear, the clothes I bought soon after they opened in a shop in the old town of Norwich before moving out to Holt. They do no advertising. It’s just word-of-mouth (www.old-town.co.uk). After thirty years of pleasure in what they make, I salute them !


2 thoughts on “Old Town Clothing (3)

  1. joan says:

    If I didn’t make my own clothes I would certainly be in the market for Old Town. They make such lovely stuff. And their instagram account is wonderful – especially Marie’s pieces to camera. I bet she would be a lovely neighbour. I’m not surprised that they have achieved 30 years – they make such a well crafted product.

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