Covid (2)

Just to reassure the many kind people who have emailed to ask how Romilly is: the truth is, so far, so good. We are sitting in the back garden in the sun and this version of Covid seems perfectly survivable.


4 thoughts on “Covid (2)

  1. Richard Bram says:

    I just saw both posts, Charles, and am glad to hear that Romilly’s case is mild. <aybe the warm/hot weather will actually help. wishing her a very speedy recovery, and continued good luck to you as well.
    We’re off to Bologna on Wednesday to see the place, stinking hot though it may be, thence to Umbria to visit with a dear friend and her family in celebration of her 80th birthday.
    When we return, we need to schedule a walkabout – it’s been ages!
    Cheers and love to you both,
    Richard Bram, Photographer 94 Narrow Street, Flat 2 London E14 8BP UK tel: +44 (0)20-7897-1717 cel: +44 (0)7767-251-985

  2. katefromcheshire says:

    I would chase up the anti-viral drug just in case Romilly needs it – supposed to be taken within 4/5 days of infection. Hope you both continue to be ok.

  3. Jean Walker says:

    Pleased to hear Romilly doesn’t have a severe case but I echo Kate’s recommendation. My son in law who is immune compromised was given it and it really helped. We’ve both had it, vthree or four days of cough and runny nose and then over it. Best wishes.

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