The Leadership Debates (1)

As a distraction from COVID, we have been watching the leadership debates.

I’m afraid that my principal emotion is one of despair that the choice of the next Prime Minister is reduced to a one-hour game show in which each of the contestants is required to answer big questions about the future of the country in sound bites, preferably with cheap shot jibes at the other candidates, all of whom are party colleagues and most of whom, apart from Tom Tugendhat, have been in government and so bear some degree of collective responsibility for the gigantic mess they are promising to extract us from, so come across as profoundly ill-equipped to solve the problems with the wave of their two-minute wand.

Oh, and I like Kemi Badenoch who comes across as smart and shrewd and plain-talking which can’t be said of at least two of her colleagues.

But then I don’t have a vote, so my views are worthless.


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