Nithurst Farm

Some time ago, I went on a small pilgrimage into Sussex to see Nithurst Farm, a project which caught my eye when it was shortlisted for the RIBA’s House of the Year in 2019. A project like this would be unlikely to win because it has obvious historical references in its design, but I think in an intelligent and interesting way, wearing its classicism lightly. I also revisited the Ditchling Craft Museum recently, a lovely small-scale, thoughtful project by Adam Richards, the architect of Nithurst Farm. I wrote about it for The Critic (see below):-


2 thoughts on “Nithurst Farm

  1. Richard Bram says:

    Dear Charles,
    I remembered your original post about Nithurst farm and recognized the architectural model immediately when we visited the Summer Exhibition a few weeks ago. Even small, in bronze, and unlabeled, I remembered it’s distinct form.
    All the best from sweltering Italy,
    Richard Bram, Photographer Flat 2, Barge Wharf 94 Narrow Street London E14 8BP tel. +44 (0)7767-251-985

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