John Wonnacott: A Biographical Study (5)

A big day for me today with the appearance through the morning post of an advance copy of my book about John Wonnacott. One never knows quite how a book will look in the flesh so-to-speak, on paper – good paper, slightly parchment-like – rather than on screen.

The design is by two designers, Luke Hall and Jason Wolfe, based in Walthamstow and they have done a really beautiful job of it, using two fonts, one Starling, a classical font designed by William Starling Burgess in 1904, and the other Quadrant Mono, which is like a typewriter font and gives a liveliness and immediacy to John’s many emails which I reproduce. Printed in Estonia.

It’s not a big book. I wrote it with a great deal of help from John in the early stages of lockdown as a way of documenting his long career, which has been so much less visible since Agnew’s shut up shop. I hope it will enable people to rediscover the great variety and strength of his work.

You can order it online via or


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