Raw Sewage (1)

I know that I am not supposed to be commenting on politics and that twitter is probably a bad way of judging the political mood, but it seems that after six years of debating the pros and cons of Europe, pretty well everyone can understand, whatever their political persuasion, that one of the reasons that we left Europe was so that we didn’t have to obey their diktats on the disposal of raw sewage.

Now that we have been free to change the legislation and are surrounded by a sea of poop, with beaches closed all the way along the south coast, people are beginning to think that perhaps after all it wasn’t such a great idea and are posting pictures of their MPs who are being held responsible for their vote.

At last, we have something which is inescapably a consequence of Brexit and it looks to me that people are possibly not best pleased.


3 thoughts on “Raw Sewage (1)

  1. janicesacher says:

    B Brexit – I cannot think of one positive thing from it! And now unless I can get a visa I will not be able to visit my home here for 3 months! Ridiculous when I pay all the taxes on my Home Jxx

    • Yes, lack of long-term thinking; lack of investment; unwillingness to take on the arrogance and incompetence of the private companies; and now a strange presumption that it does not matter and a total failure to accept responsibility. It says it all, doesn’t it ?

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