The Slab (2)

The Twentieth Century Society has just posted an image of the proposed new development by Make on the South Bank nearly next door to the National Theatre:-

Every time I look at it, I think: how on earth could this possibly be allowed ? It is not one building, but four or five piled on top of one another, a small city which will dwarf the human scale of the river walk and make the Houses of Parliament look insignificant, let alone the poor National Theatre which will look paltry.

Also, am I not right in finding the photograph profoundly dishonest ? It shows it surrounded by a cluster of other tower blocks, but so far as I am aware these do not yet exist. So, it is pretending that the south bank opposite the Houses of Parliament is tower block city, like Wandsworth. But, it’s not. At least not yet, until Lambeth City Council and the architects, Make, have had their way.

I am also reposting my article on the topic:-


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