Stepney Green as was

I have been sent a fascinating picture of the houses which occupied the site of Stepney City Farm, which (the caption doesn’t say) were presumably demolished as part of post-war slum clearance and reconstruction (the cars, particularly the further one, look to me to be c.1961). Although the reconstruction of Stepney still has a very mixed press – Nairn hated it – Stepney City Farm is a great asset and so is the adjacent park. And so is Cross Rail.

This is the official caption:-

A view of 152-184 Stepney Green, Stepney, taken from the junction with Garden Street. The remains of the Baptist College Chapel, which dates from 1810, and now a historical landmark, can be seen at the corner with Garden Street. Numbers 178-184 are three-story terraced houses with steps leading to the front doors. Numbers 166-176 form College Terrace. Advertising boards can be seen on the side of number 182. There are cars parked and a pedestrian in the background. With the exception of the College Chapel these building have all been demolished. Stepney City Farm, formerly Stepping Stones Farm, and works for the Cross Rail project now occupy the site.

And the image:-


6 thoughts on “Stepney Green as was

  1. Interesting picture and nostalgic for some, thank you. The cars may be from 1961 though that would make them around 8 years old. The Picture Archive page says: “date of execution: 1969” – an odd phrase that I take to mean the date of the photograph. Also I think the lower right of the advertising boards visible near the left edge is for the Ford Capri with the slogan “the car you always promised yourself”. That supports the date given because Ford launched the Capri in 1969.

  2. mikestone57 says:

    Dear Charles,
    Thanks as ever for sharing. In the distance is an advert for the Ford Capri ‘the car you always promised yourself’. Capri sales didn’t start until early 1969.
    I tried to comment on the blog but I don’t think it went through.
    Mike Stone

  3. mitcheen says:

    Thank you for this post. I used to live at Stepney Green Court and having been born and raised in the area was curious to see Stepney Green Court as was:

    I now want to know more about the grand mansions along Stepney Green itself along with the large house behind Bethnal Green Library situated in ‘Barmy Park’ (as we called it then. Do you know?

    Regards E Mitchener

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