V&A/RCA MA Course in the History of Design (2)

Sophy Newton – de Falbe as was – who had organised the event to celebrate/commemorate the establishment of the V&A/RCA MA Course in the History of Design, must have been born with the instincts of an archivist because she has kept so much of the paperwork associated with the establishment of the Course, which I am taking the liberty of reproducing for the historical record.

The first brochure advertising it (note the original title):-

The letter about it sent by Chris Frayling to the Bristol Careers Advisory Service:-

The first team’s programme (rather art historical – I would have liked to hear the seminar ‘Panofsky on Cinema’):-

Part of the second team’s programme:-

The requirements for the second essay:-

And a picture from a study trip to Erddig in which I recognised nearly everyone except myself (I still had hair then):-


2 thoughts on “V&A/RCA MA Course in the History of Design (2)

    • Dear Bruno, Yes, but I didn’t establish it. I was merely brought in after the event to make the V&A’s side of it work. That’s a long story. I still recognise aspects of the original thinking in how it operates now. Charles

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