Stratford vs. Hackney Wick

As readers of my blog will know, I got very interested earlier in the summer in the development of Hackney Wick which is changing very fast, but in a way which I think has been pretty successful, although the artists who have had to move out because of changing property prices will not agree (I met one last week).

I also started exploring the former Olympic Village. At the time, I wasn’t aware that both were a result of large-scale planning by the London Olympic Development Corporation under the chairmanship of, first, Ken Livingstone, then Boris Johnson and are a perfect exemplification of recent policies towards urban planning and that, over the summer, a lot of other people were going to write about the success or otherwise of the London Olympic Legacy Development Corporation, its successor body, including Oliver Wainwright in the Guardian very negatively and Rowan Moore in the Observer more positively.

My analysis, based on bicycling more than reading, apart from Grindrod’s admirable recent Iconicon, has just gone live:-


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